It is about a concept that working out should be fun. Maybe even the Highlight of your day.

Our Rates

We offer Punchcards and Recurring Monthly Memberships, allowing you to choose the option that works for you and best fits your schedule. Here are our offerings:

  • Unlimited Monthly Recurring for only $139*

  • $59 for Recurring Monthly Four (4) Sessions per Month

  • $99 for Recurring Monthly Eight (8) Sessions per Month

  • $129 for Recurring Monthly Twelve (12) Sessions per Month

  • $159 for Recurring Monthly Twenty (20) Sessions per Month

  • $149 Unlimited Monthly Team Training Sessions - Six-Month Contract

  • $159 Unlimited Monthly Team Training Sessions - Month-to-Month

  • $21 for a Single Team Training Session

  • $89 for Five (5) Team Training Sessions (valid for 45-days)

  • $159 for Ten (10) Team Training Sessions (valid for three (3) months)

Click on the Purchase a Plan button below to make your purchase. All Punch Card options can be found under "Punchcards and Specials." The Recurring Monthly plans can be found under "Monthly Memberships."

*This is a One-Year Contract price. There are no holds with this membership. The 12-Hour Cancellation Policy will be strictly enforced. 


TeAM TRaining

At L.I.F.T., we maintain a relentless pursuit for excellence and do so by being experts in the field of fitness. You will find small group training at its finest with a unique atmosphere of camaraderie and intensity.  Each individual Team Training session has a specific focus which might include muscular endurance, increased metabolic rate, strength, core, cardiovascular health, increased range-of-motion, and so much more. We stress a safe and non-intimidating environment that is fully supportive of helping you reach your fitness goals. As part of this desire to provide you with the best workout possible, we limit the number of participants for each training session. All training sessions are by reservation only. 

Personal Training

If you are looking for some one-on-one time to fulfill your personal fitness needs, our Personal Training Program is just what you need. Some of the specialties include: weight loss, inches reduction, body sculpting, injury rehab, sport specific training, intensive pre-competition training, post-traumatic health improvement, and an overall return to health management.


Technique Workshops

Proper technique is what provides  the results that we are all seeking. Therefore, you will find Techniques Workshops that are open to all clients scheduled on a regular basis. Whether focusing on free weights, equipment, cardiovascular exercise, or another aspect of our training sessions, everyone from the novice to the well-seasoned athlete, has something to learn. It is part of this continued growth that is vital to who we are.

It's Your Body, Your only body, and we have a training session specifically for you.