It is about a concept, a concept that working out should be fun, maybe even the highlight of your day. It should also be hard.  To ensure you have the balance to meet you training needs we offer 4 programs:

Personal Training 

Training Academy 

Team Training   

Technique workshops

Personal Training

If you are looking for some one-on-one time to fulfill your personal fitness needs, our Personal Training Program is just what you need. Some of the specialties include:  weight loss, inches reduction, body sculpting, injury rehab, sport specific training, intensive pre-competition training, post-traumatic health improvement, and an overall return to health management


For those of you thinking you are not an athlete and can’t participate in your fitness dreams, now is the time to step in to a new world that is about you and your goals. There may come a time when you’re intimidated, when you feel you don’t fit, or when you want to quit, but today is not that day….NOT YET! At L.I.F.T. you will find small group training at it’s finest with a unique atmosphere of camaraderie and intensity.  Each individual Team Training session has a specific focus which might include muscular endurance, increased metabolic rate, strength, core, cardiovascular health, increased range-of-motion, and so much more. For specific information on each training session, you can find a more complete description by clicking on the class name when in the reservations module. We stress a safe and non-intimidating environment that is fully supportive of helping you reach your fitness goals.

Technique Workshops

Proper technique is what provides  the results that we are all seeking. Therefore, you will find Techniques Workshops that are open to all clients scheduled on a regular basis. Whether focusing on free weights, equipment, cardiovascular exercise, or another aspect of our training sessions, everyone from the novice to the well-seasoned athlete, has something to learn. It is part of this continued growth that is vital to who we are.

Training Academy

For those of you desiring to delve into the billion-dollar fitness industry as a Trainer, teacher, or coach, we proudly offer The Training Academy. We provide a hands-on approach to learning how to teach, reach, and coach in a personal or small group environment. Learn with one of the industry's most respected leaders in an active environment with emphasis on:

  • Form and technique – Body weight development, free weights, plate-load and pin-select equipment, and Bosu, Vicore, Gliders, and Kettlebell training

  • Leadership – One-on-one and small group Team Training

  • Choreography - Moves and music, The Leadership of Rhythm

  • The Art of Teaching – Cues, Leading Interpretation

  • Music Interpretation

  • Muscle Isolation

  • Client connection

  • Speech and delivery 

  • Audio, visual, and kinesthetic awareness

  • Motivational skills and delivery

The Academy offers 3-day workshops as well as internships available on an extended 90-day semester basis. For more information contact Denise at L.I.F.T.