I’m loving my time at L.I.F.T. It has really invigorated me for working out. I’m pretty disciplined on my own but this has really been motivating and is a great compliment to all my running!
— Rod Bien
I have never found a workout that pushes me as hard, gives me great results and is as fun, as with Tim and Denise. The atmosphere in their gym is friendly and electric and the equipment is second to none.
— Bryan Murphy
A focused, balanced, innovative way to workout that pursues the mental and physical human abilities. My endurance, strength, and well-being is at a place I have never experienced.
— Ramona Bieber
Tim Schliebe (equal parts Yoda, Steve McQueen and Warren Buffett ) takes each individual on their own journey towards increased health and fitness. Mixing a wide variety of classes with his “can do” attitude, Tim delivers for everyone in his club each and every day.
— Jeff Weichman
Tim finds ways to motivate you in order to push yourself harder than you thought possible.
— Paul Garrison
Unquestionably the most rewarding fitness programs I have ever participated in.
— John Teller, M.D.
This place is about Tim Schliebe’s passion to help individuals reach their fitness goals. Tim’s knowledge and commitment will instantly stoke the fire in you to take care of your body.
— Darrin Kelleher
I’ve improved my overall strength and endurance….in the morning I have energy that I didn’t have before.
— Dave Hogue
You can schedule your workouts around your career and family obligations. I have never enjoyed pushing myself to the limit like I have…
— Danny Duggan
Innovative. Energizing. Inspirational. Creative. And results that will blow your mind.
— Aileen Hastings
L.I.F.T. is a place where everyone is working at their own level.…it will be a life changing decision.
— Jennifer Jorgensen
You have mastered delivering a ‘mental challenge’ by providing the constant change for working out that I so desperately need. Thank you.
— Boo Rigney
L.I.F.T. is fun, highly addicting, and we’ve created friendships that will last a lifetime.
— Kim Hogue
I always feel like I have been pushed to my limit after taking one of the training sessions. You will not be disappointed!
— Lisa Duggan
Tim encourages you to LIVE a better and healthier life. It is nothing that anyone will ever experience anywhere else. When you are done with your workout, you want to come back.
— Tara Bieber

It is part of the Continued Growth That is vital to who we are.