Yoga is back!

You may have noticed that the furniture is missing in the cubbie/lounge area, well here's why. The time has come to bring Yoga back to the studio! Please join us starting September 28th on Mondays and Wednesdays at noon. We will be offering a Vin/Yin style of Yoga taught by our very own Rachelle Stevenson. We'll be holding this team training session in the cubbie/lounge room. 

The first part of class is a Vinyasa Flow to warm up and create some internal heat in the muscles with light stretching, faster movement, and a balance pose. The Vin transitions to Yin where the poses are held longer. Using deep breathing, an opening is created allowing you to lengthen and stretch your muscles. Can't wait!! Oh, and don't forget to bring your yoga mat...

And speaking of Rachelle...if you haven't met her yet, we'd like to share a little bit about her. She is a Registered Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance. She first completed her 200-hours at the Frog Lotus Yoga Studio's residential program in North Adams, MA in 2004. She has also received 40-hours of teacher training in Ashtanga with David Swenson in Atlanta, GA along with numerous other workshops and certifications in many different yoga disciplines.

"I love the freedom of teaching all styles of yoga, where I can come up with new sequences for every class. It keeps yoga fresh and exciting for me and I hope also for my students" she says. Her passion is therapeutic restorative yoga. Rachelle feels that restorative yoga is a way for anyone regardless of age, tightness, or health, to begin a yoga practice, recover from an injury, or just include a great, relaxing addition to one's yoga discipline. "So many times we allow injury and pain to discourage regular exercise. Having a yoga practice is painless and helps prevent injuries by increasing flexibility and suppleness in the body and the mind. With the active lifestyles that we see in Bend, I feel yoga is especially helpful to serious athletes and the very active. My goal is to help people make healthy lifestyle choices facilitated by the practice of yoga."

Doesn't she make you want to get all bendy?!