Soulful Sunday Reflections...

It has been a great deal of time since I actually shared some personal thoughts in our Thoughts & Ramblings portion of our website. It is not because of a lack of desire, but simply a lack of time to truly sit down, dig deep, and write. However, today's Soulful Sunday spoke very loudly to me. It helped me realize that I simply need to make the time. My intention has always been to make this a Sunday thing - looking at Sunday as a day to reflect on the past week, but also a time to reflect on how I would like the next week to go. And therefore, I'm putting forth the effort to start making this happen. 

As many of you may or may not know, the past year has been one of tremendous struggle for Timothy and myself. One year ago this month, my father passed away from brain cancer. It was a fast four months from the day we received his diagnosis, to the day he passed. I was away from the studio about once a month (sometimes a bit more), in order to take the time to be with my father. I am blessed that Timothy was so supportive of me during the process, as well as my personal training clients, and so many of you. Your generosity in checking in with me and giving me a little love was vital to keeping me strong and moving forward. 

In February I had shoulder surgery to remove a bone spur. Of course once they got in there they discovered a few tears, and the fact that my joint was a bit hunkered up, so they trimmed the tears and scraped down the bone to create more space. I started using my shoulder WWAAAYYY before I was supposed to, but the recovery went well and felt relatively speedy. I then went in for foot surgery in March to fix a bunion on my right foot. Again, the recovery was very quick (five weeks in the boot, but weight bearing from day one} and my Doctor was amazed at how well and quickly I recovered. I still have issues with my toe and foot now and again when I'm cycling or doing lunges, but for the most part, I'm grateful I had it done. 

In addition, we started our renovation on the new studio in January and were finally able to move the end of May. To say it was a challenging process would be putting it mildly. We first discovered asbestos in the flooring which had to be remediated. We then discovered termites in the primary support posts (and the fact that they were not bolted to the floor in any way), which had to be remedied. This required steel supports to be designed and manufactured, and then placed deep into the ground and drilled into the support posts. Lastly, we discovered that the concrete floor/foundation was uneven - up to 5", and had cracks and areas where it was completely falling apart. Thus, we had to remove and replace almost 5000 square feet of concrete, which was an amazing feat. 

Along with all of that came the task of getting permits for all of the work (which we couldn't have done without the help of many of our clients) and finding the money to make all of our tenant improvements happen. While we still have a few items we need to get finished (mostly painting), we could not be happier with the end result. And from what we've heard, most of you agree that we've got a pretty great place where we all work out! 

What all of the above brings me to is a place of reflection of knowing that we've been weathering a rather tumultuous storm for the past year. 

Today, we had our first Soulful Sunday since April. We put this session on hold when we weren't quite certain when the move would actually take place, and then summer came and everyone seemed to be traveling, and now we're all back, and it was definitely time. And speaking for myself, it could not have come at a more perfect time. My body has paid a terrible price with all that has gone on. My workouts were almost non-existent, eating was challenging (especially when working what felt like 24/7 trying to get the studio put together), and my mental health was tested. Not only was this happening to me, but Timothy as well. I've spent my life around construction and contractors, but this has not been the case for Timothy. With each new challenge, he questioned why there were so many issues. And even though things along the "construction" front have mellowed, his challenges have seemed to continue.

I mention this because today's Soulful Sunday message from Timothy was about struggle. The thoughts he shared were that there are times when he asks himself, "Why me?" "Why do the struggles and challenges seem to keep coming?" And yet, he also included that it has taken him to a place of striving to "see the positives, versus just looking at the negatives." As he and I chatted after this mornings session, we both commented that we were on the verge of tears as he spoke. It is moments like this, that bring us closer together. And I'm not speaking of simply Timothy and myself, but each and every one of us, as we all have struggles (which was also one of Timothy's points). When we recognize the fact that EVERYONE has something they are struggling with, it helps to bring us work toward be united, supportive, kind, and loving...and to recognize that together, we can make great things happen. 

And so, I leave you today with a thought and a reminder. Today as a group we worked HARD! Even though each of our workouts were our own, there was a united energy, a oneness, support, good juju, and a desire for all to accomplish something great. May we look back on this past week with a sense of accomplishment (many of you there have participated ALL seven days since the beginning our our 56-day workout challenge this past Monday), and look forward to this new week knowing that we can each do something rather spectacular and make a difference.