Week #8 of the Challenge

Hello and welcome to the final week - 

It's been a great seven weeks so far and the challenges have been challenging (to say the least)! This week feels like a culmination of many of the prior weeks exercises, which brings us BURPEES!! Full on, down to the ground, push up, back to your feet, with a jump of celebration FORTY FIVE TIMES!! Wheeewwwie!!

We can't say enough how impressed we've been with all that you've accomplished. Congratulations to each of you that have worked so hard to get to this point. This leads us to our quote for the week: "When all is said and done, the finish line doesn't care how many miles you've run or how far you've gone, it just cares that you arrive. Finish what you've started!" 

And don't forget, Soulful Sunday is this week, so you've got an extra day to get in your final workout!!

Here's to our final week...We know you are going to finish strong.