Week #4 of the Challenge

This week will bring us to our midway point, which is pretty exciting. So many of you are cruising along at a spectacular pace!

And now the moment you've been waiting for (well, kinda)... The challenge this week is 45 Tricep Dips! Woo hoo!

As for those amazing numbers...here are the special mentions for the week:

  • Two people did six (yes, 6) workouts in one day (Bryan M. and Lindsay D.).
  • The two highest calorie burns were Jasmine B. with 1,600 for three workouts, and Sam B. at 1,795 for four workouts.
  • Highest number of workouts for the week was Bryan M. at 20.
  • Highest calorie burn for the week was Jasmine B. at 5,300.
  • Highest cumulative workouts and calories continues to go to Bryan M. at 54 and 15,456!

When we really set our minds to something, we can make tremendous changes. Bryan is an example of this. He attended 11 Team Training Sessions in both November and December. However, he has really taken the challenge to heart and is putting an amazing amount of effort into fully participating and accomplishing his goal of meeting the challenge (both the 56 days and the weekly challenges). 

The quote this week is simple...


We'd also like to put out a special mention to Karen M. She has attended each of the Small Group Coaching sessions that Tim has led since the beginning of the challenge. Each person that has attended has been asked to write up some very specific goals that they would like to accomplish during the challenge. Those of you that have provided these to Tim have had some great goals. Karen has not only had great goals, but she is accomplishing them week-by-week. This is what these special and unique Life Coaching sessions are all about. Karen...we send you tremendous Kudos for being an example!

Here's to a great week!!