Week #7 of the Challenge

It is week #7, which means we are nearing the end of the challenge. How are you doing so far? 

There are so many impressive numbers on the board, but what is even more important is the dedication that so many of you have put into this. The reality is, we may have presented you with the challenge, but you have been the true instrument of change. Thus, we find this week's quote amazingly appropriate: "I have come to know, and believe with all my heart, that making one's self strong from the inside out is indeed significant." Maria Shriver. YOU are making a change from the inside out and we hope that it sticks with you as you move forward. Continue to accomplish those goals...we look forward to hearing about your success!!

AND....the challenge for the week is (drum roll...) 45 Box Jumps! Away from the shoulders and into the lower body!