New Years "Wish"

Ah, reflection... What a year 2017 was. So many surprises, some happy, some not so much. As I prepare for the New Year to begin, I like to take a moment to reflect...what life changes influenced my choices? Like most of you, some of my choices were good, some not quite the desired affect I had hoped. But still, choices made lead to different paths and in each path comes an opportunity to grow, to strive, to learn. 

I try so very hard not to cling to choices I wish I had not decided upon. I think that in my life, to hang on to disappointment is at the very least, an incredible waste of energy. I would prefer to devote my energy toward the forward motion of joy and healing. The two most "growing" forms of healing or happiness that I like to process are number one, learning new information, studying, reading, and talking to a friend. The second most rewarding healing act that moves one forward is teaching, coaching, sharing an enthusiasm for health and fitness. 

So as I look forward to 2018, I will reflect and then "move on." 2018 is a brand new year! A clean slate, a chance to start again, achieve new goals, find new friends, create new bonds, and hopefully become a little more healthy and happier. 

The motion, the mind, the body moves forward! A great adventure awaits us, are you ready?!

Timothy Schliebe