Week #3 of the Challenge

Hello and Welcome to Week #3 - 

This week, we are sponsored by....45 TRX In/Out Squat Jumps!! It's going to feel GREAT to move away from upper body challenge exercises and into the lower body!

We'd like to add a few special mentions for this past week:

  • 8 of you were here EVERY DAY! Bryan M., Danny D., Debbie A., Jeff W., Lindsay D., Paul G., Sara Mc., Theresa C.
  • Many of you had four workouts in one day (this includes challenges). Bryan M. (twice), Danielle L., Kathy M., Theresa C. (three days in a row!!).
  • The largest one day calorie record was Jasmine B. at 1,540 (Bryan M. was a close second with 1,425).
  • The highest overall calorie burn is Bryan M. at 10,256. He also has the highest total workouts at 34 (Debbie A. and Theresa C. are both at 32).

Once again, we'd like to mention that this isn't a competition, but we are simply so impressed, that we wanted to share. We also recognize that many of you travel, so some are a wee bit behind and some are a bit more ahead (knowing they're headed out of town soon), but it all seems to workout in the end, so keep it up. 

AND HEY....how about those NEW commemorative shirts! You look AWESOME in them. Almost all of you have picked yours up. Those of you that gave us your choice in the very beginning and haven't picked them up yet, have your names on them and they are waiting at the front desk. For those of you that didn't get your choice to us, we're ready to find what we can for you (we're limited by sizes, even though we tried to guess what you might want). 

For those of you that are attending the Small Group Coaching, you continue to progress in a really special way. Goals are being accomplished and you're moving forward, which makes this particular quote extra special: Don't call it a Dream, Call it a Plan!

Keep making those plans to be here and do the work and amazing things will happen!!

Let's do this!