Week #2 of the Challenge

Can you believe you've already finished your first week?! And my, oh my, has it been a great one! What tremendous dedication you've shown. This is definitely not a competition, unless you consider it a competition with yourself (and many of us feel this way...it's what helps motivate us). However, we'd like to point out a few amazing numbers

One of you hit five workouts in one day. You came in the morning for two, did a challenge, and came back and did two more workouts in the evening. HOLY COW! Or how about the person that burned 1300 calories in two workouts and a challenge. That's working hard! Plus, a few of you were here EVERY DAY - one individual hitting a total of 17 workouts (that includes some doubles, a triple, and challenges)! You truly are amazing and when you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. We're sure you've heard this quote before, but it seems so appropriate at the moment: "I'm thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength!" YOU ARE STRONG!

Did you attend Tim's Small Group Coaching session on Saturday? If you did, we believe you walked away with some really great information AND a homework assignment. If you didn't, you really might want to consider taking this opportunity to learn more from a Master. It will help you with not only your workouts, but your life goals (if you allow it). 

And so begins Week #2. If you haven't already, you will pick up your special commemorative water bottle (just look for your name on the bottle - they're in alphabetical order on the front counter). The challenge for the week is 45-Gravity Pull-Ups! Remember, as always, the focus is on proper form. So make sure you put the sled at the right height allowing you to do them correctly. As many of you have learned, it is sometimes a VERY good idea to get the challenge completed at the beginning of the workout versus at the end when you're body is spent. 

You will see your total numbers for this past week on the board and new spreadsheets are waiting on the front desk. As a reminder, we don't need to know "which" session you took. Simply mark an X for each workout you have completed, and a C for the challenge. There is a box for each day of the week, plus a box for calories for each day. While it isn't required to put the information in, it is rather fun to see what you've accomplished, so just do it (as they say)!

We'd also like to point out again, we're offering "Stellar Time" for those of you that aren't able to make it to a Team Training Session. Sign up for one of the available time slots and come do your thing. 

Lastly, we'd like to say that we couldn't be more proud of what you've accomplished in only one week. Seven to go and they're going to be SPECTACULAR!