January 2017 56-Day Challenge

After the success of our first 56-Day Challenge this past fall, we've decided to do it again starting on January 16th and we believe it's going to be even better than the last! If you've opted not to participate with us, you might enjoy knowing what your fellow L.I.F.T. peeps are up to, so we'll keep you up-to-date with our weekly emails. 

Here's our first....

Welcome, welcome! Are you ready for Day #1? We're so excited to be starting!

First off, we're happy you've decided to join us on this journey. We're hoping that since this is the second time we've attempted this, that it will be that much better! You'll receive weekly emails notifying you of the weekly challenge, as well as a few hints and thoughts. AND, you'll be receiving your water bottles in just a day or two! 

This week the "45 Challenge" is PUSH-UPS! We'd like these to be complete push-ups and we want you to focus on form. Now...this doesn't mean that the only way to have proper form is to do them on your toes, but it does mean a flat back, chest to the floor (or whatever you're doing them against), and all the way back up. No hiney's sticking up in the air...no quick little "a tiny bit down, a tiny bit up"...and no collapse on the way down, and heave-ho-body all over the place on the way back up. 

You can do them on your toes, on your knees, against a Vicore bench, with push-up handles, TRX ropes, or whatever is your fancy, but simply do them correctly. The other thing we'd like to note is that you don't have to do all 45 at the same time. You can come a bit early for your Team Training Session and do half, and then stay a bit late and finish the other half. Whatever works for you...they're simply an option that will give you ONE extra workout for the day and you can do this up to five times in a week

Additionally, Timothy will be offering a small group "Coaching" session each week geared toward how to get the most out of your workouts and the mental preparation challenge for reaching your goals from the "inside-out!" This will be by reservation only. There will be no charge for this additional great coaching session, but it will be limited to 10 of our "56-Day Challenge" clients. Timothy is a "Life Coach" graduate from Coach University 2000. Coaching sessions will be held on Saturdays at 10:15am

And so....LET'S GO!!