Weekly Challenge

At L.I.F.T., we feel pretty lucky to have so many amazing clients. We appreciate when you share the things that are going on in your life with us. Thus, we thought it might be nice to hear a bit more about what is going on with you by posting a weekly challenge or request.

Every Tuesday, we'll post a thought/challenge/request for the week and we look forward to hearing how it works for each of you! Leave us a comment, share a thought or experience, and let others know that you're up for the challenge. (And we invite you to join us starting September 12th for our in-studio workout challenge.)

AND SO....here's the request for this week. Give a Stranger a Compliment!

It may seem challenging at first, but we're pretty sure that if you can do it once, you'll find it incredibly easy to do continually. Enjoy the experience!