Suggested Workouts:
A.R.M., Power Plays, XXX

Effective full body training - Activating all of the different muscle groups in a strategic format allows for the success of each individual, from the beginner/first timer, to the seasoned workout athlete. Something for everyone, success for all.

Muscular Balance & Coordination

Suggested Workout:
Cycle Cross

Creating the much sought after mystery of balance and stabilization achieved through the direct discipline and technique of a sophisticated format of strength, isolation, and body control.


Suggested Workouts:
Muscle Maniac, 4th Quarter

Creating muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and performance utilizing short busts of strength, conditioning, and balance allows the body to build and maintain cardiovascular performance.

The concept of decades of weight training has proven to strengthen the physical frame, create lean muscle mass, and burn calories long after the workout has been completed. The "afterburn" benefits of lifting weights may extend as long as 8 to 10 hours. You'll see inches reduction, and weight loss support with this time proven and stable workout.

Weight Loss

Suggested Workouts:
Cycle, Triple Threat, H.I.I.T Training
500 to 1000 Calories Burned!

Scientists and fitness professionals agree, Interval Training boosts your fat burning process, and creates a fat burning machine for your body.

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Need more one-on-one time to reach your goals faster, prevent over-doing it, or not doing enough? Our coaches are here for you.

We offer 30- and 45-minute sessions, allowing you to set aside the perfect amount of time to commit to being the best body you can be.